Program, Project & Portfolio Management

Lynker offers our federal and commercial clients a unique value proposition for increasing their ROI from experienced management techniques and effective business process improvement.

Services include:

Project and Program Management

  • Turnkey management of projects; including short term and multi-year efforts
  • Design, implementation & management of a PMO for your organization
  • Development & implementation of a custom project lifecycle
  • PMP Certified staff

Portfolio Management

  • Design, implementation & administration of a Portfolio Management process
  • Identification of benchmarks and adjustment over time in the portfolio
  • Development of standardized review matrices, criteria, and metrics; customized to organizational needs

Requirements Management

  • Create traceability from customer input to project objectives to organizational goals
  • Enable the organization to make sound decisions
  • Provide confidence that the end product will match the needs of the customer

Product Management

  • Create detailed profiles of each product and service offered, tying each product to its internal technical dependencies, and its use by each customer segment
  • Allow leadership to make informed choices when promoting or retiring products
  • Spot trends thereby enabling an organization to adapt to changing market

Quality Management Implementation

  • End-to-end process for understanding, visibility, and control of risk and quality
  • Experienced personnel in ISO 9001, Lean Six Sigma & other quality management systems
  • Develop processes to enable quality management without added bureaucracy within operations