Scientific & Technical Services

Lynker supports a wide range of scientific and technical resource requirements. We are experts in assembling teams to provide diverse sets of capabilities and competencies in the most cost effective package possible.

Our experts couple solid work experiences as scientists and senior managers with exceptional educational backgrounds and contacts throughout the United States. Teams can be fielded quickly, anywhere, to do analyses, funding proposals, tactical and strategic plans, evaluations, and technical reports on:

  • Hydrologic sciences and water planning
  • Marine fisheries and mammals research, conservation, and management
  • Issues in aquatic ecosystems
  • Ocean issues, remote sensing, and Oceanography
  • Hydrologic impacts of climate change
  • Climate change impacts on freshwater and marine systems and fisheries
  • Planning and evaluation of Environmental Projects

Capabilities include:

  • Organization and preparation of studies, status reviews, and symposium reports.
  • Project identification, management and/or oversight.
  • Analyses, need assessments, tactical and strategic plans, budget recommendations, and final reports.
  • Attendance at meetings to gather information, make contacts, and represent the client.
  • Review of institutional web-sites for adequacy, consistency, rule compliance, currency, and functionality.
  • Literature reviews.
  • Education and outreach.
  • Preparation of grant applications and budget requests.
  • Workshop and seminar planning and administration.
  • Development of materials and training of environmental staff in environmental procedures.
  • Development and application of GIS approaches to environmental issues.