Water Resources Practice

Lynker provides services in flood forecasting, climate change and a wide range of hydrological sciences. We give organizations a global advantage in managing, forecasting and controlling our most valuable natural resource.

Services include:

Hydrologic Sciences/Water Planning

  • Flood/Hydrologic forecasting
  • Reservoir operations and modeling
  • Irrigation and water consumptive use modeling optimization
  • Technical water Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Water rights and expert witnessing support
  • Conjunctive use assessments
  • Lynker’s proprietary water allocation tool (CRAM) (Click for more info)

Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change

  • Climate data management and visualization
  • Calibrated hydrologic modeling and long range forecasting
  • Assessment of changes in watershed and river systems
  • Drought modeling and vulnerability assessment

Fluvial Hazards, River Restoration, and Watershed Planning

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and design
  • Watershed Master Planning, Public outreach and education
  • Post disaster hydrologic and sediment transport assessments and mitigation
  • Channel migration zone modeling and delineation

Data Management and Geospatial Analysis

  • LiDAR post-processing
  • Irrigated lands mapping
  • Vector analysis and modeling
  • Collaboration tools

Hydrogeologic Science

  • MODFLOW numerical groundwater modeling
  • PEST calibration
  • Water quality/geochemical modeling
  • Groundwater recharge analysis